Who we are and what we do…
“I do films was established and is run by Rachel Knights. Having worked in the wedding film industry for almost 10 years Rachel has developed her wedding & event films, culminating in highly artistic and personal films with a different angle to the traditional video. Starting in Super 8 films and moving into digital SLR’s, Rachel is always striving for an edgy, organic look which seperates her wedding films from the rest of the pack!
Preferring to give her wedding clients shorter films of between 20 and 30 minutes that are full to the brim with the poetic intimate details, set to the clients favourite music.

A word from Rachel…
I take pride in my work and I am proud to offer my clients something very different to what is currently out there. My history is in film and music and when I’m not worrking I’m often creating my own personal films or working on music with my husband who is a professional musician.

What does I Do Films offer that’s different?
“Our films are shot digitally with DSLR’s. These allow us to perform our favourite technique that we have been perfecting over the last 2 years, which is known as Lens whacking. What is lens whacking? Lens whacking is simply a technique of shooting where the lens is disconnected from the camera body and hand held in front of the image sensor, giving you beautiful light leaks and flare with highly selective focus points. It simply cannot be created by effects afterwards, it’s all in the moment. I was introduced to this technique by the king of lens whacking, James Miller from Miller and Miller films.
But what does this actually look like? Trying to describe the fine artistry of lens whacking is like dancing about architecture, so I will let the images speak for themselves.”

What we offer

All weddings differ and each of our clients have unique tastes and different needs. We accommodate our clients with this in mind. Our weddings are shot on both Super 8 and digital. The lens whacking digital style cuts incredibly well together and compliment each other while helping to keep the expense down. We can also shoot a digital lens whacked wedding, if a Super 8 wedding isn’t your thing.

All our services are cut together with music of your choice and as well as personalised DVD’s you can also access your film online to show friends and family.

Please contact rachel@i-do-films.co.uk for more details.




  • Your film

    A beautiful mixed lens whacked and Super 8 wedding film costs £1650.
    This includes:

    • Two camera persons covering your event
    • A professionally edited film to the songs of your choice on DVD
    • Personalized packaging & DVD menus
    • Your film available for download

    Please contact for further details and options.